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Dr. Rajendrani Mazumder

MD Dermatology I Dermatologist & Cosmetologist



Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Treatment


Chemical Peel



Availability: Wednesday - 4pm to 6pm

Experience: 5+ years

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About Dr. Rajendrani Mazumder

Dr. Rajendrani Mazumder, a luminary in dermatology, brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to Skincredible. With a distinguished academic background including an MBBS and MD in Dermatology from West Bengal University of Health Sciences, her journey to becoming a Senior Resident at Burdwan Medical College & Hospital solidifies her as a leader in her field. Dr. Mazumder's commitment to patient care is unparalleled, she combines her extensive knowledge with a genuine desire to understand her patients on a personal level, ensuring they receive tailored treatments that address both their medical needs and emotional well-being.

Specializing in a diverse array of treatments including PRP therapy, laser procedures, acne management, skin boosters, and injectables, she offers comprehensive solutions to her patient's dermatological concerns and has completed Hands-on workshop (Injectables) on 4Cs by DIAS. Dr. Mazumder's commitment to forging close relationships with her patients underscores her belief that understanding their individual needs and concerns is essential for providing effective care.

Dr. Rajendrani Mazumder's achievements speak volumes about her dedication and expertise in dermatology. Having successfully treated over 500 patients, her track record demonstrates both her clinical proficiency and her ability to connect with those under her care. As an expert in PRP therapy, laser treatments, and skin boosters, she has garnered recognition for her exceptional skills in these specialized areas. Notably, her accomplishment of performing the highest number of skin booster procedures in Eastern India highlights her leadership and innovation in the field. Dr. Mazumder's hundreds of satisfied hair growth treatment patients attest to the transformative impact of her care, solidifying her reputation as a trusted practitioner and a beacon of excellence in dermatology.

Career Highlights

• Practicing Dermatology for 5+ years 
• Highest number of skin boosters in Eastern India

• Treatment of 500 plus patients

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