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MBBS, Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon (IIMAST)

Dr. Shrayan Pal


Hair Regrowth


Laser Therapy

Skin Boosters



Availability: Monday - 3pm to 5pm

Experience: 10+ years

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About Dr. Shrayan Pal

Dr. Shrayan Pal is a seasoned dermatologist with over 10 years of expertise, specializing in hair loss treatment, including hair transplant, laser therapy, PRP, mesotherapy, Botox, fillers, and dermatosurgeries. With a rich career spanning 5+ years in dermatology, he practiced for 2 years in Kolkata, India. Dr. Pal is a certified hair transplant surgeon (IIMAST) and has successfully handled 20,000+ patients. Notably, he earned the Gold Medal for his award paper at Cuticon 2020.


Dr. Pal is recognized as a thought leader, having served as a panelist and moderator in various conferences, CMEs, and IADVL events on clinical and aesthetic dermatology. Additionally, he is the scientific chairperson and coordinator of multiple academic events in dermatology. A unique achievement includes his national television appearance on DD-Bangla in 2023.

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Career Highlights

• Practicing Dermatology for 5+ years 
• Practiced 2 years as a dermatologist in Kolkata, India
• Certified Hair transplant surgeon (IIMAST)
• 20000+ patients handled


• Gold Medallist in Award paper, Cuticon 2020
• Panelist and panel moderators in multiple conferences, CMEs and IADVL events on clinical and aesthetic dermatology
• Scientific chairperson and co-ordinator of multiple academic events in Dermatology

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